【Game App 分享】

Today I gonna share an android app, you'll love it f you're VIP(BIGBANG's fans ... 
今天要分享一個遊戲app 相信VIP們一定會喜歡 哈哈哈哈

Take out your phone and go to PlayStore then enter [Flying Big Bang]
拿出你的手機 進入PlayStore再輸入【Fying Big Bang

Use your Google account to log in after download
下載之後 使用你的Google賬號登入

You can start your game after login .. the character will auto select by system
登入以後你就可以開始玩啦 主角是不可以自己選擇的哦 系統會自己幫你選擇
Flying Big Bang is actually same with Flappy Bird
the only different is you can playing while listen BigBang song ^-^
其實Flying Big Bang和Flappy Bird這個game差別不大 唯一比Flappy Bird更好的是
你可以一邊玩Flying Big Bang一邊聽BigBang的歌 很享受有沒有?! XD

Okieee ... here is my score !! I know I'm noob 
這是我玩到的得分 我懂很差一下啦 不過沒關係、我會再接再厲